Using Pinterest for Facebook Timeline

I’ve said it before and the wildfire continues to spread. People everywhere are pinning. More and more envied women and men across the globe are receiving the coveted Pinterest invite. If pinning to your own boards doesn’t quite satisfy your social media cravings, Pinterest recently introduced the ability to post pins to your Facebook Timeline. Social Media nerds rejoice! All our favorite things in one place.

Using Pinterest for Facebook Timeline is simple. If you have a set account on Pinterest, all you need to do is click on your name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Underneath your profile picture in the left side bar is an option to “edit profile.” Once you click on that, you can turn the switch to “on” for “Add Pinterest to Facebook Timeline.” Save your profile and you are done.

Once you have enabled Pinterest for Facebook Timeline, when you pin, it adds an update to your “Recent Activity” on your Facebook timeline stating that you’ve pinned something to a specific board. If you have multiple pins, they will be grouped in a box with the Pinterest logo onto your wall. I have to admit I am not quite sold on the idea of having every one of my Facebook friends see how completely addicted I am to pinning (if they don’t already know from being my friend on Pinterest), but I do like the idea that I can share an idea or two with my Facebook friends.

This is however, another great way that companies and organizations capitalize on free advertising. Now your images and links will not only appear on Pinterest, a site with a couple million users, they will appear on Facebook, a site with over 800 million users. Better than a Super Bowl ad? I’m not sure, but you sure can’t beat the price.

When it comes to the pure functionality of this process, I would like to propose a tweak.  I would like to see a button that asks if you would like the pin added to your Facebook Timeline each time you submit a pin. This way, you would be able to personalize the ideas you share rather than telling everyone how much you love the overly gaudy bedroom duvet or that inappropriate birthday card. Some things are better left for fewer eyes to see.

What do you think of the Pinterest for Facebook Timeline function?