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We’re that web design company from Chicago

Your website matters – with years of web design experience in building custom websites spanning multiple industries around the world, we’re committed to helping you engage new business, share your story, and cultivate your brand.

We utilize the latest cutting-edge framework and visual designs for a website that is easy to use and improves conversions.

Web Design

How many different devices will your site users be using?

The reality is most modern consumers live on multiple devices.

According to Hubspot, over 51% of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product while conducting a search on their smartphone.

Users and technology have completely changed the way we design to accommodate that behavior.

With the rapid development of different size devices and operating systems, it is essential to design collaborative, user-friendly marketing websites across an endless multitude of screens.

Over the last 11 years, our Chicago-based web design company has designed and developed websites using responsive web design and framework to improve user experience on all devices, while improving website conversions built on a solid SEO foundation.

Our collaborative process involves your team every step of the way, creating web design inspiration that looks great and searches well.

With every great website comes great content, our content marketing services offers perfectly selected words to convey a message that reaches your target audience.

Web Development Services

We build digital designs into feature-rich experiences that spans across a multitude of screens and devices.

Using the latest coding and framework, our Chicago web development team builds and delivers a customer-centric experiences that provides sustainable value for years to come.

Some Industries We Work With

Real Estate, Restaurants, Hair Salons, Medical Surgical Groups, Plastic Surgeons, Medical Spas, Dentists, Roofing, Insurance Loss, Tech & Gear Blogs, Gaming Sites, and more.

A feature-rich and optimized website is synonymous with profitability and success.

We’ll use our experienced strategies to capture visitors and turn them into customers.

We judge everything by the way it looks and we’re not the only ones.

That’s why having a professionally designed, visually pleasing and easily navigable website is essential for your business.

We’ll introduce new branding elements to help tell your story, while keeping visitors attentive through a series of digital expressions to continue site visitors through your site.

With years of web design experience spanning multiple industries, we will craft a strong and unforgettable web design experience.

Not all website content management systems are created equal.

General CMS platforms are too convoluted, built for an abundant audience, and not your brand.

We’ll build a one-of-a-kind CMS that is the right fit for you, and we’ll train you how to manage the parts of the site that matter most.

Data and metrics are important for your brand.

Without them, marketing dollars increase and profitability falls.

We’ll make sure your site is integrated with the latest cutting-edge analytics and show you how to measure conversions.

WordPress Development

WordPress powers 30% of the web, with a 60.2% market share of all websites with a collaborative content management system.

WordPress is an online, open source website written in PHP.

It’s the easiest and most powerful content management system in existence today.

From fortune 500 companies to well-known media outlets, WordPress is the preferred CMS of some of the highest traffic sites in the world.

With a huge community of developers, WordPress development customization options are endless.

The first time you step inside a WordPress dashboard, you’ll be amazed at how simple it appears to be.

With a powerful editor, writing content to keep your clients up-to-date has never been easier.

With the ease of WordPress, site owners won’t need a developer to make regular updates.

Whether you’re powering a blog, or selling a service, our Chicago WordPress developers will customize a WordPress site that works for you.

With endless customizable plugins and 3rd party integration, synchronizing with your current system is sure to be seamless.

Medical Website Design

From a large Australian brain and spine center, to fast moving Beverly Hills surgery centers, iSimplifyMe’s medical website team has the experience and knowledge to develop a beautiful, efficient, and educational medical website for your medical group or practice.

Artistic images, clean lines, and continuity is just the start of our personalized, medical website design process.

Your medical or healthcare website needs to communicate with today’s patient, convey an understanding and needs for their recovery, and be relevant to all stages of their journey.

We understand highly influential pages, and the considerable amount of prioritization needed throughout the entire website design process.

We also understand the importance of integrity for every patient’s needs, while simultaneously engendering trust in new patients.

We’ll use the latest WordPress CMS platform, and design a medical website that is optimized to work seamlessly across all screen sizes.

Our focus on intuitive navigation will ensure site visitors can easily access the most important elements of the site, accessible anywhere from any device.

Easily accessible patient centers can have new patient forms & education, and what to expect all in one control center.

Ecommerce Web Design

Sell your products, 24/7. We’ll develop a beautiful and feature-rich ecommerce site to sell more products or services.

With our wealth of experienced web development, we’ll deliver a responsive and engaging store front that drives online revenue.

Ecommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce have an endless amount of customization, from advanced product categorization, to customer loyalty programs.

Let us focus on building the necessary functionality, while you focus on your business.

Mobile Design

Now more than ever, businesses are focusing on an immersive and digital experience for mobile devices.

Nearly 60% of searches are made from mobile devices (WordStream), and Google has made it clear that they favor mobile-first digital experiences with their mobile-friendly algorithm rollouts.

Using our mobile app design experience, we’ll build a highly customized & modern mobile website using a one-of-a-kind digital canvas.

We’ll leverage digital expressions and intuitive navigation to keep site users engaged and convert them to leads.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Unlike holistic design associated with user experience design, conversion rate optimization is the process of testing user interactions and different interface elements to discover what performs best.

Eliminate website distractions and visuals and find out what version of your site a visitor likes most.

A successful and ongoing CRO campaign leads to an increase in conversions, for key performance indicators (KPIs), such as leads and newsletter signups.

A modern user experience is filled with distractions, from social media notifications to email notifications.

Conversion rate optimization is eliminating the distractions and creating a sense of urgency to make your customers take action.

Page Speed Optimization

Website page speed optimization is a focal point to a high-performance website.

There are endless case studies on the connection of page speed and revenue loss, but a slow webpage always affects customer satisfaction.

A few extra seconds could have a huge impact on your ability to capture conversions and engage visitors.

Google now uses mobile page speed as a ranking in their mobile search results.

iSimplifyMe’s WordPress speed optimization will keep your sites feature-rich and aesthetically pleasing, while seeing an improvement in your site’s loading times.

We’ll use image optimization, CDN’s, server-side caching schema, a cleanup of unused plugins and media, and more.

Web Hosting

iSimplifyMe provides support and fully managed web hosting services to our clients.

We’ll handle critical site issues, uptime, and software updates.

We use a constantly monitored system to ensure maximum uptime.

All of our hosting services run at an enterprise level, with robust security and resiliency.

Website Development Consultants

When your company has the resources of web developers, web designers, and copywriters, but lack a web design strategy, our website development consultants can help develop a blueprint for success.

If you have the staff and strategy, but lack developer or designers, iSimplifyMe can partner with you every step of the way including a full web development, SEO, and content marketing services team.

We work with industry leading technology providers, including Siteground, WP Engine and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide fast and reliable web hosting services.

Looking for the best Chicago web design services? Call us today at 310.270.5865 or request a quote online.