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Why Hire a WordPress Developer from Chicago?

wordpress developers chicago

The look and functionality of your website is important.

Design plays a key role in conversions, actions taken, and product sales while functionality plays a crucial role in organization and website management.

Your website is also your digital storefront, open 24/7 and available to prospective Internet searchers.

While there are an abundance of WordPress themes, website builders, and pay-per-month templated website and hosting companies like Wix or Squarespace.

If you are reading this, then you are most likely looking at all of the above options or you are looking to hire a Chicago WordPress developer.

If you are leading a professional company or brand, then continue reading on to better understand what may be the best option for you.

What Does a Chicago WordPress Developer Do?

WordPress has thousands of free or low-cost themes that you can choose from – The WordPress community is strong, with an abundance of developers that contribute regularly to make WordPress the most used website platform in the world.

While there are tons of DIY videos on YouTube on how to design a website, there are key elements you should know when building your own WordPress site or hiring a WordPress web developer.

Considering WordPress Website Development Services in Chicago – Tier 1 Developer

Like all things to be considered, WordPress developers are not all created equal.

Generally, there are two tiers of WordPress development companies.

The first tier is usually your small one-stop marketing web design company.

Their goal is usually to offer you a lower upfront cost for a website with the intention of putting you into a monthly marketing plan.

In most cases, this first tier web development company will use a website builder Elementor or a theme from Elegant themes.

Generally, a first tier WordPress web development company is suitable for a smaller business who wants a lower entry fee to get their brand on the web.

Sometimes, the entry fee isn’t cost-effective, because bundled services can add up so it’s important to itemize what you are investing in.

A WordPress development company that offers to use a site builder for the framework of your site will be limited and bound to whatever theme they or you choose.

If you are looking to get your brand on the Internet with a ready-made WordPress template then this is probably your the option that is most suitable for you.

One note on website builders and templated WordPress themes – Even though a website builder is built for the masses with a plethora of customization, they can be “bloated.”

When a website is bloated, it can be slow and unusable.

Learn more about core vitals and why it is a key factor in usability and SEO.

Considering WordPress Web Development Services in Chicago – Tier 2 Developer

chicago wordpress developer

A Tier 2 WordPress developer will generally offer a custom WordPress website solution.

A tier 2 developer will be most suitable for middle to large companies or brands that are looking to make a long-term investment and have more customizable options with a professional site.

A WordPress web developer at this level will offer customized Gutenburg blocks or other custom solutions without the dependence of a website builder or templated WordPress theme.

Web Development with WordPress Examples – Tier 1 Developer

If you are looking for your new side hustle, then even a tier 1 developer may not be your best option – designing a website on your own might be the best option.

If you are just starting a new venture, like a cleaning service or your own contracting business, then a tier WordPress developer may be most suitable.

They can almost most likely offer some type of marketing service along with building you a templated WordPress site, just take note of the itemized services and what support they will offer when the scope of the project is complete.

Your WordPress site will require ongoing updates, especially with a website builder or templated theme.

Some tier one WordPress developers will force place a customizable option to a theme, which can break your website later on down the line – so make sure you fully understand what they are providing to you.

WordPress Development Companies Tier 2 Examples

wordpress web site development chicago

If you are a medium to large size business, you most likely need an in-house development team or make the investment on a tier 2 WordPress developer.

If you are considering a tier 2 developer, it is important to know what functionality you need before reaching out.

Once you determine the functionality you need, the key factor in determining what tier 2 developer will be the right fit will be to compare their previous work portfolio.

An example for this would be a commercial lighting company that makes ongoing changes to an abundance of products and company announcements.

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