Bartco LightingMarketing Website Design / Conversion Rate Optimization

The new had to be smarter and faster than ever before

Bartco Lighting is a leading global manufacturer of high-quality, specification grade, linear LED fixtures. Going into a web redesign, our team had two goals: The new had to be smarter and faster than ever before. Highly-customized modules for better catalog organization and an easier content management system. The interface design had to be fluid and responsive, while balancing a highly-visual, product-focused catalog

Represented globally by over 30 agencies, it was essential to build an interactive representative map to help connect architects, lighting designers, electrical engineers, and distributors around the world. The product catalog is critical for workflow is essential for Designers and partners from all over the world that rely heavily on the site for resource files. Built on modern framework, our team showcased products without sacrificing speed.

A Smarter, Faster
Framework for Product Catalog
Interactive Global Representative Map
Aesthetic Design with Full Functionality