Dr Bruce B Lee, Inventor of AccessaWeb Design & Development


Designing a Digital Platform for A Pioneer of a Groundbreaking medical device

Dr. Bruce B. Lee is the founder and inventor of the FDA-cleared Acessa™ procedure, a new cutting-edge treatment for uterine fibroid tumors. 

A minimally invasive, outpatient procedure that allows the return to work in a matter of days, it not only effectively and safely treats fibroids, but allows a woman to keep her uterus and her fertility.

The symptoms of fibroids can be absolutely debilitating for women.

Up until now, many women have been forced to endure the symptoms, or have a hysterectomy.

Acessa is a life-changing, new alternative for women with fibroids.

iSimplifyMe partnered with the ROX Center & Dr. Lee to build a new website to communicate information about the procedure to women with fibroid issues.

The website set a new foundation for the digital presence of Dr. Lee & Acessa. Dr. Lee appeared on “the Doctors” with a real patient’s Acessa™ success story.