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dental website design

Your Dental Website Design Partner

Your dental practice website matters.

With the fast-moving technology of mobile devices and Internet search, having a fast, and nicely designed dental website may be the difference between new patients finding you or going to your competitor.

dental web design

The Cleanliness of Dental Websites and Great Dental Website Design

Getting to the root of your practice online – social media and influencer marketing have created buzz among templated marketing companies that promise to deliver new patients and increase traffic.

Although a marketing campaign is essential for any business, we build websites with a foundation for Chicago SEO and your digital storefront.

dental websites

Validation Purposes of Great Dental Website Design

Building a luminous practice website for your brand – great dental websites that rank better are built to be fast and functional, and designed with a mobile-first indexing approach for Google and other search engines.

When building dental website design, a combination of visually striking images should balance with functional parts to make your practice online more efficient.

An experienced website designer and design team understand that everything added to the process of website design matters.

The problem is there are a lot of cookie-cutter dental website design companies that offer to style a theme, which usually is a theme that is made for the masses.

A theme will have tons of design options for web designers to use, but the root of the problem with that is themes are overly bloated, and already pose a problem for a heavy site that should be fluid and fast.

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The websites we develop for our clients are custom, and completely tailored to your practice and your brand.

Our dental marketing websites are fast, responsive, and look great on a mobile phone, a tablet, or a desktop computer.

Along with a fast dental practice website, our content marketing services will craft content that will reach your target audience and drive more web traffic.

Here are the top 10 secret tips every dental site needs:

  1. An about page featuring you and your business. New patients want to learn more about your dental practice.
  2. Complete content describing every service you offer, with patient reviews on every page.
  3. A clean, modern layout line with impressive navigation. Avoid distractions and make call-to-actions easy to find with a prominent phone number.
  4. Responsive web design elements. Your website should look great and work well on any size device.
  5. Striking photography – beauty stock photos are also acceptable.
  6. Contact & appointment request forms, as well as newsletter forms. Making an appointment throughout your site should be quick and easy.
  7. Include a customized Google map of your location with driving directions.
  8. Best practices: put your social media links on the footer. You work hard for web traffic, don’t lose them by adding near call-to-actions.
  9. Optimize your title tags and meta descriptions using competitive keyphrases.
  10. Best practices: make your services easy to navigate. Organize and separate general and cosmetic dentistry treatments.
  11. Include patient education content like procedure video, FAQs, Q & A videos, and insurance options.
  12. Include a website before and after patient gallery of your work. Good photography goes a long way.

dental website marketing

What Type of Website is Right For My Practice?

There are many platforms available for dental website design to help you reach your end goal.

Squarespace, WIX, and WordPress are the more popular options.

Currently, WordPress powers over 30% of the web, with a huge market share of websites with a content management system.

WordPress has the best track record and is one of the most favored CMS (content management systems) for business websites best high traffic blogs.

WordPress is also user-friendly, and has a large group of developers and marketers that cover a large portion of the Internet.

WordPress is also open source, so as your modular website grows, so does a robust category of development and many marketing tools.

Our website design agency prefers WordPress for most dental websites, as it is an easy experience for practice staff to use.

Your dental team has access to the entire platform, and the WordPress customization is endless.

Examples of add ons for WP are SEO tools, a dynamic site map, dedicated contact form, content creation, social media marketing integration, and many other features.

“iSimplifyMe is capable of building the site you need for your business or organization. They are creative, responsive, and make it happen. I recommend them without reservation!”

Dr Jay CalvertDr Jay CalvertDr Jay Calvert, Beverly Hills

Let’s Grow Together

With an extensive background dentist website design, let us help tailor your dental site to suit the needs of your practice instead of trying to fit you into a boxed solution.

All dental practices are different, and templated web solutions not only look the same but perform the same.

Google’s search engine always loves fast websites, and templated web themes usually use “bloated” code to accommodate the masses.

Let’s Get Started

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Dental Website Design with Style & Functionality

When creating a website, capturing your brand is absolutely key.

We build websites that are clean, intuitive, and elegant-like veneers for your dental website.

More importantly, we design a site with the cleanest possible code, making it light-weight and functional.

Our design team focuses on messages, color, navigation, and pivotal call to actions to convert your site visitors.

Other elements of a successful practice site built on WordPress include an educational patient center – a digital “go-to” page for existing patients as well as new patients that contains patient forms, surgery guidelines, dental payments, and more.

Including common FAQ’s, digital patient forms, and detailed procedure pages creates a resourceful site that reduces staff hours and makes your practice more efficient.

A resourceful website provides the ultimate patient experience.

Own the Best Dental Website That Converts

Patient referrals are still the best lead source for your practice.

The next best source for your practice is Google, so a solid impression at first glance is key.

Reviews from patients, case studies, business team photography, an overview video of your practice, and easy appointment forms are important goals.

From refer a friend programs, to patient loyalty memberships, we can develop a customized dental marketing solution to help grow your practice.

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Search Engine Optimization and Your Dental Website

Visitors, visitors, and more visitors are out there looking for your place.

We’re a design and dental marketing team with a focus on website design.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quality of the content of a website, to help prospective patients find information on new patients and dental services.

Not only is SEO important, SEO is essential for your practice – especially if you invest in website design and are looking to get more visibility of your practice and your services.

Having a properly optimized website from the start will give you a competitive advantage over competitors who opted for a templated theme and a templated website design company.

Our website optimization service includes search intent data mining, keyword rich title tags, appropriate page layouts, H1, and H2 structuring, and ongoing oversight of the website design process.

Once we launch your site, the next step in the journey begins – we install Google Analytics and Google Search Console and start to track how well your site performs.

We’ll measure behavior, click through rate, bounce rate and much more.

If you partner with us on an SEO subscription, then we’ll begin keyword tracking, and make use of a content planner to analyze opportunity for improvement.

We understand that when you seek dental website design professionals and other web design companies you are looking for a website that fits all screen sizes, as well as a site that improves patient conversions, as well as your practice.

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There are lot of options for dental website design companies, but not all website companies understand advanced SEO practice goals.

Want to learn tips from our SEO experts?

Read our latest SEO guidebook.

Your Dental Marketing Team with Years of Experience

Our web design agency and Chicago SEO team will partner with your staff and practice to data mine your current dental practice web presence, patient reviews, and competing websites.

Once an audit has been complete, our marketing services experts will share a dental marketing strategy that will build the hub that our web designers will follow.

Every URL, H1, and H2 will be optimized using the latest SEO tool sets, and our experienced marketing techniques will be behind every webpage on your website.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Before and Afters Gallery

Make the best first impression.

As a cosmetic dentist, showing off your work is everything.

The most sought-after webpage on a cosmetic dental website is the before and after gallery.

Your entire dental practice should be involved keeping patients before and after results – a potential veneer patient will visit your gallery before they even make it to your bio.

With years of experience in plastic surgery website design, we understand how to build a gallery platform that is functional and fluid.

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Content Marketing for Dentists

They say content rules all, does it?

That statement is only partially true.

The right content rules “almost” all.

Along with the right content, building domain authority and getting quality backlinks are another part of the equation.

But, unless you are going up against competitive industries like insurance and travel, then you have a great chance in appearing in search results for your brand.

dentist website design

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the process of creating content that will find the attention of your audience (clients) as well as sharing it on engaged platforms at the ideal time to gain maximum engagement.

The process of our content marketing services are to look at content that has search intent, and build outlines around that.

To discover search intent, we want to determine the difference between website visitors that are seeking to find more information on dental implants, or finding a local dentist, or dental implant pricing, or a mix of them all.

For dental practices, local search place intent is everything,but a cosmetic dentist that ranks nationally for veneers might have clients come from longer distances for a procedure.

If you are not sure what this means, don’t worry – we’ll translate all of this for you.

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Your Dental Practice and Page Speed Optimization

Along with aesthetic design elements, a dental website should be lighting fast.

A fast website is your advantage.

And a fast website should be in your plan and your end goal.

Website visitors convert better on fast sites, and search engines reward sites that are fast with higher rankings.

websites for dentists

In fact, Google has now publicly made page speed a ranking factor.

Our experienced website design team uses a proprietary caching system to make websites as fast as possible, which will contribute to bringing in new patients.


ADA Compliance & Web Hosting

We believe the Internet should be available and accessible to everyone, regardless of ability or circumstance.

We offer ADA compliance to all of our clients, and our accessibility overlay is AI-powered and stay’s up to date to the latest standards in WCAG 2.1 and beyond.

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All websites need ongoing maintenance, and our hosting services have you covered.

We use only the best providers, like Amazon AWS and Google Cloud who are among the biggest data providers in the world, powering the biggest infrastructures in the world.

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Dental Website Marketing

Smile, we could help.

We’ve helped dentists and medical practices with web design all over the world.

We are passionate about how we design sites, because we highly value design, creation, and traffic arrows that go up.

With over 12 years of Chicago web design and dental websites from New York City to Melbourne, Australia, our dental website marketing team has the experience to bring your practice to the forefront of the latest Chicago web design advancements to help drive more traffic and attract new patients.

Let’s collaborate when you’re ready to ready to start a new site that gets results.